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But I admit my adventurous side balked a little when I learned about aerial yoga, a type in.AntiGravity Yoga is the leading proprietorial method in the aerial yoga trend.Aerial Yoga is a modern style of yoga incorporating a low-hanging soft fabric hammock suspended a few feet off the floor.AntiGravity AERIAL YOGA: (Frequent Flyers Only) Take your Yoga practice and poses to the next level by using the AG Hammock as a tool to take your backbends deeper, getting a deep tissue massage in your forward folds and downward dogs and using it as a spotter in all of your inversions and arm balances.Restorative Yoga is the gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of AG Aerial Yoga.

AntiGravity Yoga was invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer.

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Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga is an upcoming yoga brand that bring yoga practice to a new setting.Aerial Yoga Mellow Flow is a restorative style of class designed for students of all levels who are looking to slow down their practice and use the Aerial fabric closer to the ground.

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Antigravity yoga physically heals the nervous system even more effectively than traditional styles of yoga because the inversions, thanks to the hammock, are suspended.

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A 150lb person can theoretically put 1400 pounds of force on to aerial gear, depending on how it is used.Fitness classes in Aerial Style Yoga and Aerial Circus - because fitness should be fun.

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Yoga Generation offers introductory aerial, and beginner yoga series and beginner levels classes.

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When gravity holds you back, Antigravity Yoga will help you soar.Fit Republic brings to Calgary a diverse mix of high quality workouts: Spin, Antigravity, Barre, TRX, Kickboxing, HIIT, Rowing.

It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout.

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AntiGravity yoga, also known as aerial or flying yoga, uses a hammock to help you stretch and strengthen your body.It combines traditional yoga with moves inspired by pilates, dance and acrobatics.

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An acrobatic performance company, AntiGravity enlists the use of a hammock type material to perfect the technique of aerial yoga.Shop Antigravity Yoga aerial yoga hoodies designed by LaBellaCiambella as well as other aerial yoga merchandise at TeePublic.

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The belief is that through the pursuit of anti-gravity, a lighter existence can be achieved.

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Developed by former gymnast and dancer Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without over-stressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae.